Sunset Kisses

A bridesmaids trip to New Orleans followed by a week at tropical Sunset Bay beach resort. What could be better? For Alexa Roberts, plenty of things...

When Alexa wakes up after a bachelorette party and finds herself with the one man she avoided for years, she storms out, vowing to forget him and pretend it never happened. Because Will Townsend is everything she's always wanted and never been able to have.

Will can't believe Alexa thinks the worst of him. He doesn't exactly have the best reputation, but with her, things are different and always have been. What she doesn't know is that they'll be spending an entire week together for her sister's beach wedding. And this time around, he's determined to show her just how amazing they could be together.

Will their history keep them from finding true love? Or can Will and Alexa open up to each other and find their second chance at love? Under the magical skies of Sunset Bay, anything is possible...

3 Replies to “Sunset Kisses”

  1. Jeannie Wells

    This is the second book I have read from your collection. I really enjoyed reading Sunset Kisses and Return to love. They both kept my attention. I look forward to reading more of your writings.

  2. jordan

    So far I have read return to love and I really enjoyed it, I just had my free copy of Sunset kisses sent to my email and I plan on starting it today.


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