Finding My Love

Lanie Winters has it all together—at least that’s what she tries to make everyone think. She comes from the perfect family, and she’s worked her whole life to prove that she measures up to their expectations. Trouble is, it’s all an act. She’s about as unlucky in love as it gets, and finding her own perfect match is something she’s given up on.

Riley Westcott is one of the most eligible bachelors in town. As a multi-title-holding rodeo cowboy, he can’t catch a break from women trying to claim a piece of his heart—and his bank account. When he hires Lanie as his business consultant, he can’t deny her all-business attitude holds some appeal. And bonus points to her for not trying to rope him in.

After a late night at work, he comes up with a plan that could solve both their problems. Lanie jumps on board, but neither counts on the undeniable passion between them that could change everything.